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Survey Response - Preamble

Hello Everyone,

Salem Bicycle Club would like you to participate in a simple, 3 question survey.

Salem Bicycle Club recently participated in a 9-week bike safety pilot program for 3rd to 5th graders at 3 Salem Keizer Public Schools. This was taught by PE teachers who received instruction from the League of American Cyclists. It was managed by the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program and heavily supported by several organizations promoting transportation alternatives. Cycle Oregon provided a large fleet of bicycles that could be transported to schools. It was a great success, reaching over 600 students who learned not only basic bike safety, but many learned how to ride for the first time! 

Safe Routes to School is currently trying to continue, and hopefully expand, the program for the 2024-2025 school year, but with budgets as they are, will need to rely on help from volunteers. Without volunteers, PE teachers, who are primarily responsible for teaching, will be too tied up with logistics to be able to fully utilize the time scheduled for teaching.

Salem BIcycle Club would like to give SRTS an idea of how much interest and willingness there is to do at least some volunteering by SBC members. The work is not hard, and is outlined below:


1) Helmets - organizing, fitting, labeling, caring for, passing them out, and collecting them. 

2) Bikes-Walking the bikes to and from the trailer  

3) Miscellaneous- There are other ways to take the load off the teacher, such as basic repairs, adjusting seats, taking off pedals, and helping with the children were needed, but these are optional, and no skills or significant physical strength is required. 

4)Time - about 8-11 AM weekdays, and you can help as many or few days as you are able throughout the school year. Passing a background check is required but is also very simple to do.  

Please take the time to fill out this simple survey so we can assess interest. Hit Next to take the survey.